Based on other brands "about" pages, this is the page where I'm supposed to write some inspirational but meaningless text like"OsoPorto is a lifestyle brand for the true believers, empowering the passion of dreamers determined to create their own path and live on the edge…"  (yeah... no.)

My name's Jon. I make shirts and art and stuff inspired by Southern California life and specifically, my neighborhood of El Porto - a cool little casual beach pocket neighborhood that was once a town of its own, but now slowly disappearing into surrounding McMansion homogeneity. It's stuff you hopefully think is cool or fun and want to wear or have in your house. It's my creative side project - a place to design what I want when inspiration strikes, with hopes that it evokes a feeling of beach life or maybe a broader idealistic California attitude and strikes a chord with someone out there. For my "real job," I make motion graphic design for television - things like tv show titles or commercials for tv networks. OsoPorto is my outlet to design and create freely (when time permits; I always have more ideas for new stuff than I can possibly get to.) If you want to know even more, here are a couple articles about OsoPorto: 

Bringing El Porto to Life through Design - Easy Reader, December 2015 Inspired by El Porto - The Beach Reporter, December 2014


You can also check out this video from our Kickstarter project in 2014 that helped launch the online store. Be sure to check out the Founders Club page featuring everyone that helped make it happen.





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