Its 4am and I've just gotten back from hiding the last of the Oso Eggs all over El Porto and El Segundo. Just another of my hairbrained ideas, but hopefully one that ends up being fun for some of you. If you're around, keep your eyes open and you may spot one - they are all in plain sight (so no need to disturb anything to find them.) Inside you might find a voucher for a free OsoPorto t-shirt or poster, or one for a free bag of coffee or bottle of cold brew concentrate from Three25 Coffee, or a free day pass to Easton Gym in El Porto, or a free drink from Summers Sports Bar! There are also discount coupons and of course OsoPorto stickers in all of them, too! If you find one, use the #OsoEgg hashtag and let us know on social media! Good luck and Happy Easter!

March 26, 2016 — Jon Berry