In 2014, I ran a kickstarter campaign to help launch OsoPorto's line of shirts and prints and online store. These are the amazing people who gave to that kickstarter and helped make OsoPorto possible. Without their support, OsoPorto could not have happened.

Thank you to all of you for your support.


Stephen A. Stojcich

Judy Korin

Mike Fitzgerald

Doug Stewart

Evan Campbell

Ashley Brooks

David Snapp

Sue Bennett

Eric Say

Beth J. Jordan

Mike Raff

Jayne B Miller

Mark Will

DL Laflen

Rosie Poegl

Sean Maguire

Dave Spare

Manuel Carrillo III

Myron Dornic

Phil Lasater

Fredy M.

Michele Bolling

Ali Pimentel

Cyndi Theuer Holt



Glenda Smith

Ryan Pinette

Simon Davis

Andrew Djang



Brian Sumwalt

Rosie Flores

William "Rodeo" Roby

Rick Carlton

Chris Richardson

Kiersten Campbell

Christopher Ferreria

Alan Espinoza

Greg Neal

Devin Pense

Melanie Berry

Pat Sims

Chloé Donovan

Mrs Kay

Daniel Sofer

David Barton

Steve Linkchorst

Ryan Boyles

Jim Berry

Jeremy Alcock

Christian Quintero

Chris Bird

Dave Epstein

Pete Halvorsen

Anita Berg

Mark R Baker

Em Kless

Kevin Gilligan

Lily Ariss

Taylor Aronson

Jason Pomerance

David Galvan

Laura S. Miller

Allesandro Goncalves

Chloe Curtis

Trevor O, CA

Lauraine Gibbons

Bill Dawson

Ryan Reede

Sean Dwyer

Dave Zuverink


Joel Sabillon

Slyde Handboards

Ken Devlin

Bill McConnaughey

Chris Honan

David Evans

Ryan Parry

Craig Cheeseman

Leslie Chavez

Casey Jordan

Philip Han

Chad Inman

C. Smith

Mike & Sara Cowgill

T Marthaler

Drew Goodwin

Shawna Beck

Dan Eckler

Stefanie Toigo


Eleonore Constant

Mark Clement

Chris W.

Joe Magee

Tyler Bell

Jim Berry

Cherie Tosh

Andrew Moody

Steve Black


Robert S Whetzel

Glenn Edward McDaniel

Keith Klahold

dione li

Anika Gulstrand

Andrew Youst

Betty Berry

Johnathon Sykes


Jo webber

Shinah oakley

Amanda Morgan

Christian Goerke


​ The first 55 people, who all jumped on to support within the first 3 days, were dubbed the "Dawn Patrol."

Check out the video from our Kickstarter launch on our El Porto/OsoPorto page.