And sooner than you think! Funny how it was never that way when we were kids, huh? If you're still shopping for Christmas gifts, here's more detail on our shipping deadlines to get it in time.

Here are the basic "safe" deadlines for US shipping:
Pillows, posters, graphic prints, hats, mugs, tote bags, canvasbox prints - DECEMBER 11
Shirts, hoodies, stickers, greeting cards - DECEMBER 16

Note that this year, there will be no shipments of shirts/hoodies Between December 18 and January 3. All shirts ordered Dec 18 or later will not ship until January 3.

(Gift cards are available again on demand - just email if you'd like to purchase one! More detail below.)

As I always like to point out, the truth about these dates is that they are honestly just best safe guesses. These are based on recommendations given by our suppliers and the post office/shipping companies merged with the typical times our orders process and ship. There's always a chance you might still get orders in time even if you order after these dates - and we've had good luck in previous years (even pretty late), and of course we'll do our best to get them out as fast as possible no matter when you order. (I will note that there have been more unusual issues/delays/mistakes this year than in past years with postal and delivery services.) And of course a gift card is always a safe bet - even on Dec 24!

If you want to decide for yourself whether to chance it after the basic dates above, here is more detail about the "normal" timings of our products and shipping:

Framed posters/prints, and canvasbox prints are slowest - they generally ship out about 4-6 days after the order is received. Delivery of those usually happen around 3-4 days after they ship, depending on where in the country you are. Unframed posters/prints, pillows, hats, mugs, and totes are next - they generally ship out about 3-5 days after the order is received. Delivery of those again usually happen around 3-4 days after they ship, depending on where in the country you are. Shirts, hoodies, stickers  and greeting cards are fastest - they usually ship the day after an order is received, 2 days max. Delivery of those is usually 3-5 days after they ship. (By the way, hoodies always ship Priority because of their weight anyway.)

Also, if you live in LA, I'll be doing a pop-up at the Runway Night Market at Playa Vista on Friday the 15th from 5-9pm. Stop by and grab a last minute gift in person!

And finally - gift cards! Gift cards are virtual and delivered by email, so you can get them even at the last minute on Christmas Day if you forget someone! Print it out and wrap it - or just email it to them. It costs per day just to offer gift cards live on the site, so again this year I'm going to do gift cards by request. Just email me and I'll gladly flip the switch to make them available for you to purchase online.

As always, thanks for your support for OsoPorto. If you're getting or giving OsoPorto things, I hope you really love them. But no matter what, I hope you get to spend time with those most important to you or do whatever you love most (or both!) during the holiday.

December 09, 2017 — Jon Berry