12/5 UPDATE:

The "safe shipping" date has now passed for getting orders in time for Christmas. You can still order goods and they will get made and shipped as soon as possible, but know that it is likely they will not arrive before Christmas. Also an important reminder that any shirt orders received after December 8 will not ship until New Years. Sorry for any inconvenience, but thanks for your support! (Read on for more detail as posted in October:)


The short of it:

- Get orders for Christmas delivery in by DECEMBER 4.
- No shirt or sticker orders will ship (or deliver by hand locally) after December 8. 
- Catch me at local Holiday markets - check the dates here: OsoPorto Holiday Pop-Ups

It’s October and I’m already posting holiday deadlines - that’s definitely a new one. But this year it’s looking like it will be more important than ever to get your Christmas orders in early. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard stories about supply chain issues as companies deal with increased mail order and domino effects from the pandemic. Those are very much showing up in terms of goods taking longer to be made. (Aside from shirts, most of our goods are printed or made after you order, then shipped to you directly from the printer or manufacturer.)

Delivery times are also longer than in past years (maybe last year excluded.) Changes instituted by US Postmaster DeJoy continue to slow down mail delivery while raising prices, though I still find USPS to be the fastest of the delivery services. Depending on your location, we also ship DHL, FedEx, or UPS, though I am finding those all to be slower than USPS. We generally ship whichever service will get it to you fastest at the best price. 

For those reasons, I’m giving an earlier safer order deadline of December 4 this year. In addition, I will be away for a family wedding after December 8, and because I ship and deliver them myself, no shirt or sticker orders will ship after December 8 until I return after the holidays in January. (Again, please note that includes local orders/delivery for t-shirts and stickers, not just mail shipping.) All other products (hats, prints, home goods, etc) will still continue to ship as normal, so you can order those at any time, but arrival by Christmas is frankly luck of the draw if ordered after December 4.

If you’re local, you can find me at several holiday markets in Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, and possibly Hermosa Beach. However, the last pop-up of 2021 will be December 4. Check the full schedule (which will update) here: OsoPorto Holiday Pop-Ups

Thanks for your patience as things continue to evolve. If you have questions before placing your specific order, please don’t hesitate to email me - I’ll do whatever I can to make it work, but options are a lot less limited this year. And of course, thanks for all your support this year as we continue to come out of the pandemic and adjust to new realities. 

Your support at pop-ups and markets this year has been amazing and really appreciated. Please have a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing you at more pop ups in the next year!

October 17, 2021 — Jon Berry