[Update: As of 12/3, all of our pre-orders have shipped or delivered, but you can still get the Peace Surf & Tacos t-shirt and Point of View hoodie in their "regular" colors and styles. Be sure to subscribe to our emails (bottom of page) to get notice of our next pre-order when you can choose your own custom color and style of the next design that prints.]


I'm pretty stoked to reveal our two new designs: Peace, Surf, and Tacos and Point of View. Both of these designs are on preorder through 11:16pm on 11/16. That means until then, you can order it in colors or styles other than what we'll be printing the stock in - as long as the design and print color does not change.

Peace, Surf and Tacos will be printed in on a Classic Fit unisex Antique Red t-shirt. Rather have it on a different color shirt? We can do that. Prefer it on a tank top or ladies fit? We can do that, too. I've set up a bunch of alternate options already on the site, but if you want something else, email me and I'll see if its something we can do (which will mainly just depend on if my shirt supplier makes it.) Since this design is printed in an off-white, these are best on a darker or vibrant color.

Point of View is a minimal modernist take on El Porto, but also could be nearly any coastline, depending on your point of view. (Bridge or Smokestacks? Shark or Sailboat? Its up to you.) These will print on a light Ash Gray heather pullover. Again, the preorder period gives you a chance to order it in another color or as a t-shirt if you prefer. And again, if you want it in some way that isn't shown here, just email and ask. Because this design prints in colored inks, you'll want them to be on a light color shirt. 

Remember that alternate color/style options are only available until 11:16pm on Wednesday 11/16. After that, you can continue to preorder them in their primary style option until the printing is complete and they start shipping, which I expect to be by December 1. Grab yours now!

November 13, 2016 — Jon Berry