UPDATE: Thanks for all the support for the pre-order campaign! Unfortunately, Freewaves didn't get enough orders to go to print, but 'Berica! pulled through with two orders in the last half hour before deadline!

We're introducing two new shirt designs with a pre-order campaign called 15 by 15. If we can sell 15 pre-orders of either (or both) of these designs by 11:59pm PT on Monday, June 15, we'll go ahead and have them printed! 

At OsoPorto, I insist on printing traditional quality silkscreen shirts, not cheaper (and easier) "direct to garment" printing. But with silkscreen comes minimums and printing before any revenue, which at this stage of the business is still a delicate balance to manage. I wanted to do a couple July 4th oriented versions of our designs, but without knowing how much interest there is, that's risky. This is a way to help support a design you like by buying it as a pre-order. In addition, pre-orders allow us to offer more variety: with a pre-order, we can add ladies fit t-shirts and both men's and ladies tank tops to the options. It also gives a reason for you to share the project with friends, which is massively helpful in order to help increase interest and meet our goal.

If we don't hit our goal of 15, you'll be refunded the price of the shirt you ordered directly back to your credit card or form of payment you used. 

If we do hit our goal of 15, these will be printed and shipped to you in time for July 4 if you live in the United States. (Orders are also welcome from anywhere outside the US, but those would likely arrive after the 4th.) 

Check out the 2 designs: Freewaves and 'Berica! (or use the links at the bottom)

(note: Freewaves did not reach its goal so is no longer available to view)

If you have questions or concerns, please ask! In the meantime, here are some probable FAQ:

How do I order one?

Buy these exactly as you would any other shirt or other item on here. Add the size and style you want to your cart and then checkout using your credit card or preferred form of payment.

When do I get charged?

Your card is charged at the time of your order. If the shirt you ordered doesn't reach its goal, you will be refunded for that shirt directly to the same form of payment you used for your order. 

Can I order after the 15th?

Of course (but only if we hit the goal of 15 for that design!), but at that point you will be ordering from the stock that's ordered to be printed already. Not all variations (sizes/ladies/tank tops) are likely to be printed. If you order before the 15th, then the variation you choose is guaranteed to be printed and guaranteed to be yours if we hit the goal.

What if I order one of each but only one design goes to print?

You'll be issued a partial refund for the cost of the design that does not go to print. 

What if I order one of these as well as other items from your online store?

The other items will process and ship to you immediately. If the shirt meets its goal, it will print and ship to you separately in time for July 4. If it doesn't meet its goal, you will be issued a partial refund for the cost of that shirt.

What if you get 14 orders?

If I get 14, I'll honestly probably buy the 15th myself in order to make sure the order happens!

How long will a refund take?

I'll issue any refunds on June 16. How long it takes to credit back to your account is controlled by the payment system and your credit card company.

I like what you're doing. How else can I support it?

I can't say enough how important sharing with your friends or posting to social media is. Anything you can do to help spread the word is a huge help. Each of the product pages has share buttons along the top - feel free to click and use them!