We don't have a lot of sales, but there are always ways you can save on OsoPorto stuff. Have a sticker on your car? If we spot it, we may leave a discount code on it. Sign up for our email updates and get an 8% discount code. Also be sure to watch our Facebook and Twitter for flash sales and promo codes.


5OFF55 - Spend $55 or more and get $5 off with this checkout code.
TENBACK - Spend $100 or more and get $10 off with this code.
Just enter the code at checkout to receive the discount off your order. Can't find where to enter the code? Scroll to the bottom of our FAQ page for an example.
Current Sale Items:

We always try to knock a couple bucks off of at least one of our items:


Every now and then, we'll declare that "OsoSpeedy is in effect today." What that means is that if you live within around 3-5 miles of El Porto (roughly Playa Del Rey to Redondo Beach - but feel free to ask if you're just a little further), if you order a shirt or hoodie by midnight, it will deliver to your doorstep the next day. Watch our Facebook and Twitter for when we announce it is in effect (and feel free to request it!) OsoSpeedy is only available for shirt & sweatshirt orders.