Note: this is a repost of one of the last project updates from our kickstarter page, posted when all the shirts and backer rewards had delivered. It seemed an apt post to make the first blog post here on our new site. 


Yeah, that was the longest home stretch ever. But at long last, all the shirts have shipped!! (whew!) If you didn't see on facebook or twitter, the prints all shipped about a week before that. And of course, books and stickers had shipped a while earlier. So as far as the kickstarter project is concerned, its finally completed. (woot!) I can't thank all of you enough for your support, backer or otherwise. I may post a piece someday of my main tips for a kickstarter - but my biggest one (besides "don't do it!") is to plan for a significant amount of complications and delays - then double that. Thank you for the patience in getting your final reward in your hands. I'm really loving the pics from people enjoying em out in the real world. (By the way - if you post em, be sure to tag em with #showyouroso!)

So what's next? The whole point of the campaign was to kickstart OsoPorto into existence as a brand of shirts, prints, and goods. In the next couple weeks, I hope to launch an online store with most of the same shirt and print designs, and plenty of plans for other designs and products as well. I'm thrilled with how the site is coming along and excited to unveil it. The Kickstarter orders were done through it as well, so the back end systems have all been tested through those. (By the way, shirts sold on the store are already printed - so there won't be delays like those encountered to get everything ordered and made for kickstarter.) Overall, we are in the red as expected, but thanks to you, its the manageable place that was hoped for and a good place to launch from.

So start thinking about your Christmas list now and watch for our store in the next week or two at! (and most of all - tell your friends!)

And once more, thanks for the support. Couldn't have done it without you.


October 31, 2014 — Jon Berry