We never expected this would become a thing, but we love that it has. People post and send us pics of our stickers that they see all over the world. Whether just on a skateboard or a fridge, we always love seeing em. Some of them go even farther: already, they've been spotted on the top of a mountain in Sochi, Russia, on the streets of the Galapagos Islands, on a lifeguard stand in Miami, and a train station in Copenhagen. But it isn't just faroff locations, sometimes its fun ones too. Our pal Chris in Boston had posted an edited version of the above pic showing just the sticker and harbor in Provincetown - which was great! But later sent us the full one. He said he had edited the sign out figuring we'd want to "keep it classy." In our world, fun is oso better than classy, so we decided to share the full pic here. Thanks to you, we never know where we'll show up next. Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter and see! And if you post some, be sure to hashtag #osoeverywhere so we see it!

November 06, 2014 — Jon Berry