Note: this is a repost of what is likely our final kickstarter project update:

If you follow the OsoPorto Facebook or Twitter accounts, this is old news to you - but our online store is now live at! I "soft launched" Wednesday via Facebook because of their small audience for posts, allowing it to be test driven a couple days and make some little fixes before making it official everywhere. (Of course, if you still find any broken links or typos, please be sure to let me know.) Also, be sure to check out your listing on the Founders Club page!

You made it happen. The goal of turning this from an idea into a creative outlet that will hopefully support itself is now a reality. It's easy for me to forget that the kickstarter project wasn't just about getting your rewards made and to you, but it was about kickstarting the making of the actual online store. And now we have. We did it. Thank you.

I'll hopefully be adding more print selections and new products continually. On the radar are posters and hats… plus more stuff for the home, and, of course, new shirt designs… so be sure to connect on Twitter and Facebook to always know what's new.

I can't say thank you enough. Your support through every stage and helping to spread the word was invaluable. Hopefully the fun part starts now… thanks for being a part of it.

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November 15, 2014

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