For a long time many of you have been asking for - and I've been promising to do - a hoodie. I've finally got a design ready, but I need to pick out the color way.  Last time I did this, the responses surprised me and changed what we ended up going with. So lets try it again. I already am leaning to one, but lets see what you say. And even if I don't go with your choice, know that I do consider the comments and they influence what I do later in other products, so its always appreciated.

One big consideration to factor into your choice: going with a dark color fabric and lighter ink means having to do a thicker print. I always hear (and agree) that people like a softer print, but maybe you don't care as much in a hoodie? Or maybe you like a lighter color fabric regardless? Let me know what you think. Drop a comment below or on our Facebook page, or send an email, tweet us (@itsOsoPorto) - whatever you like. Its not a vote, but I'm curious what you think!  Watch for the choice to go on sale in a few days! 

February 24, 2015



Tina said:

Can’t believe I left the ‘l’ outta New Zealand!! That’ll teach me for being half asleep and checking my Instagram!! ;)

supmissT (Tina, New Zeand fan)

supmissT (Tina, New Zeand fan) said:

I like the navy on grey marl hoodie (heather…? Is that an American thing?) ;) navy on grey would be sweet too or black hoodie with white screenprint :)


adbruin said:

is it obnoxious to say navy ink on heather? :) All choices look great but I will vote for blue on heather too because I think of an aquatic blue when I think of OsoPorto. Red on heather is a nice combo but I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of the Washington State Cougars?


Alec said:

maroon on tan!

Alex valich

Alex valich said:

Blue on heather


Sandra said:

Red on Heather. Good color for anyone.
Good luck.

Robert Whetzel

Robert Whetzel said:

blue on heather !!


OsoPorto said:

@Kellybrown – yup am keeping the design a secret until its all set – but I think you get the idea. ;)


Kellybrown said:

love the red on the heather…gotta say it took me a little bit to see the design though…but I think that is just how you have it cropped :)


Langolier said:

Red on heather.



Kelly said:

Personally? I’m digging the red on heather.


Al said:

Blue on Heather!


Bill said:

All nice, but blue on heather.


Ken said:

To me, an East Coast guy, the Tan on Maroon combo is the most “Southern Californian” of the choices.

Beach bungalow 8

Beach bungalow 8 said:

Blue on navy or blue on heather

Steve Linkchorst

Steve Linkchorst said:

Blue on Heather is lovely!!!


Alessandro said:

Firs lt choice blue on heather
Then blue on navy


Sara said:

Loving the tan on maroon! nice picks

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