We have a hoodie!! Before I could even get this post written to announce the color choice and design, I've already changed things up. I probably asked for this by opening so many choices, huh?!  Hey this whole project is a learning process…!

The "My Beach" design is a tongue in cheek play on localism (admit it, we all feel that way sometimes) taking inspirations from the surf punks lyrics and even slightly from the legendary 1913 illustration to California's state song. Our oso stands his ground both front and back, so he can get 'em coming and going. Feel free to sing along while you order yours…

Thank you to all who left comments, emailed, tweeted about the color choices. The blue on heather option was the most liked (though I was pleasantly surprised by the support for the red! - Don't be surprised if you see that in other future designs.) But after posting and making the hoodie available in gray, I still got requests for a dark hoodie. Who am I to deny the will of the people?!  I reworked a few things and figured out a way to make it happen. So now the hoodie is available either in blue on heather or in a light tan on navy. Also by request, I'm doing ladies sizes of these. What all that that means is that I'm spreading the order out over two colors plus both unisex and ladies sizes - thats 20 different options. There will probably be a few color/size options that may only have one made. So if you have a favorite size and color, be sure to order it by Monday March 9 to guarantee it's made and reserved for you. These should ship around March 25. Get yours now here!

UPDATE: These are ready ahead of schedule and will ship on March 20!

March 06, 2015 — Jon Berry