We've got a new poster! This one was an accident - and actually kind of worked the way I originally meant for OsoPorto to work as far as it being a side "creative project" - as a place to play and make an idea when it came to me. While I have a big list of ideas both on paper and in my head of things I want to do and add to the store, this one wasn't one of them.

It's not news that Winters often bring about some great sunsets in El Porto - mainly because its the only time of year we have clouds, which add to the spectacle that often happens. Noticing the mostly cloudy sky on Sunday, I walked down to the beach and posted myself in case the colors showed up. And though briefly, they did. But for whatever reason, I had posted myself in a place that only afforded the stereotypical and somewhat ordinary sunset beach shots that I try to avoid. And to a degree, I was frankly just enjoying the moment, which I don't regret. I shared the pics on my twitter feed soon after, but they didn't really rate anything more than that. Sometimes your eye just isn't "on," if that makes any sense. At the same time, the pics were beautiful purely because of the sunset, and I still had an urge to do something with them. I ended up with this design, using three shots at different times of the sunsets progression merged into one composition. A quick glance may make you think its one shot, but a second look will prove otherwise. Graphically, the stripes not only allow for the multiple windows, but also reflect the progression aspect of the sunset conceptually.

Below are the original full images. You can check out the poster here: Sunstripes



March 18, 2015 — Jon Berry