A few weeks ago, I stopped by Motion Bicycles in Hermosa Beach for their "Save The Mural" event. After seeing the cool changes to the shop and talking to the guys, I left with an idea to do a poster centered around the bike path that runs through El Porto (which is already often the subject of plenty of OsoPorto photos.) While the imagery would naturally be local, I wanted the poster to have a universal appeal, and was drawn toward the idea of forward motion and simple bold graphic iconography. In some ways, I had a vague idea in the back of my head of the simple graphic travel posters of long ago, but rather than it being about the location, using the simple word "go" felt both graphic and inspirational, without being flowery or forced.

The end result is our newest poster, "Go" available both at 16x20", and at a larger18x24" size that includes an additional flat white border to help set off the image in a similar way that a matte does. Check 'em out here: Go Poster


June 03, 2015 — Jon Berry