Just a note to say thank you to everyone who supported the 15 by 15 pre-order campaign for our 'Berica and Freewaves shirts. Most of all for those of you who had to put up with all the posts and plugs on social media, and of course also to those who bought them, but especially those who shared it on other pages. It was a couple posts to other group facebook pages that actually led to the spike that hit our goal at the end, so that really made a difference. 

For those that don't know, Freewaves didn't get enough orders to go to print, but 'Berica pulled through with 2 orders in the last 30 minutes. I'm really excited that it pulled through - I had pretty much given up hope a day or two earlier. This was the first time I've tried a goal-based pre-order and I'm not sure how often I'll do it - its pretty stressful! Maybe just on designs that I really don't mind if they don't go to print? Who knows… That said, I do think I will make pre-orders more regular when doing a new run of shirts, because that allows me to open up the options for other styles of shirts like Ladies Fit and Tank Tops if they are ordered before printing and I like being able to offer that to you.

And by the way, for any that read this in time: the cut off for Ladies Fit of the 'Berica is Thursday Morning, June 18, so be sure to get any orders in if you wanted that option. (A good idea for tank tops as well, though we will print a small number of those.)

As always, be sure to stay in touch through our Facebook page and Twitter account, because those always have the latest info about what we're up to. Lots of ideas in the works as soon as I'm able to make them! Thanks again for making this happen!


June 17, 2015 — Jon Berry