UPDATE: 3/25: Some of our printers/suppliers have reduced capacity to create safer working conditions and moved some production to other locations. Due to this, orders may take longer to be finished and shipped. Please add a few extra days into the expected ship dates for most of our items. T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and greeting cards are all ready for shipping and are shipped by me personally, so no delay on any of those items. Again, if for any reason you order something and some unexpected change means that your order can't be fulfilled, I will fully refund you.


UPDATE: 3/20: Our California-based suppliers have closed in accordance with state Safer at Home guidelines, but all have production sites in other locations that are still open. Some products, like framed prints, are taking a couple days longer, but as of now, all products are still available. If, for any reason, you order something and some unexpected change means that your order can't be fulfilled, I will fully refund you.


Adapting to the challenges posed by Coronavirus and COVID-19 are an ever changing situation for all of us. It's not unreasonable to expect that at some point, some products may not be available.

At the moment, all of our products are still being produced and shipped as normal. I ship all t-shirts and hoodies myself, so those will continue to be available as long as the postal service is still delivering. Most of my other products - hats, pillows, prints, etc are printed to order by different printers in the United States and shipped directly to you by them. As of now, all of my suppliers are still open and printing as normal. If they choose to close or limit their production in the name of safety, I will support that wholeheartedly. Should that happen, I'll update the status here. But for now, all products are printing and shipping as normal.

As an artist in uncertain times, your support is appreciated now more than ever, and if my work can bring you a bit of beach joy or retail therapy from home, even better. But the safety of everyone around us is most important, so please take whatever steps you can to isolate and stay safe, and I will support any decisions my suppliers and printers make to do the same.


March 17, 2020

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