This is a post I write every year - though after doing this for several years, I’m realizing that the info doesn’t change much! But here we go with this year’s “Can I get it by Christmas?” information:

In short, the “safe” shipping deadlines are:
DECEMBER 15 for shirts, hoodies, & stickers, but DECEMBER 10 for everything else.

Note that this year, no shirts, hoodies, or stickers will ship between DEC 17 and JAN 6. All shirts ordered December 18 or later will ship not ship until January 7.

(Gift cards are available again on demand - just email if you'd like to purchase one! More detail below.)

And to give more detail:
Hats, Prints, Pillows, Tote bags, Mugs, Flags, Magnets: Dec 10
T-shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, Greeting Cards: Dec 15

The truth is that these are general guidelines, and somewhat guesswork. Production and shipping does not stop on these dates, these are just dates that should allow plenty of safe time to make it and get it to you. If you order a print at 6am on Dec 11 it is still just as safe as if you ordered it the night of Dec 10.  These dates are a combination of watching how long other orders usually take and the recommendations our delivery services give - but in the end, they’re out of our control, because the shipping is by outside companies like USPS or UPS. So if you order a hat on Dec 17, we’ll still make and ship it in hopes of getting to you, but chances are just more iffy. And of course a gift card is always a safe bet - even on Dec 24!

All the Dec 10 items ship directly to you from the companies who make or print them - thus the extra time factored in. It may be worth keeping in mind that pillows and framed prints seem to take the longest time to ship. Hats and magnets can often, but not always, deliver pretty quickly. Shirts and other Dec 15 items ship directly from me - so I have a little more control over when they go out and can ship them fastest.

If you want to decide for yourself whether to chance it after the basic dates above, here is more detail about the "normal" timings of our products and shipping:

Framed posters/prints, and canvasbox prints are slowest - they generally ship out about 5-7 days after the order is received. Delivery of those usually happen around 3-4 days after they ship, depending on where in the country you are.
Pillows and tote bags are equally slow. They usually ship out 3-4 days after being ordered, but their shipping often takes 7-8 days.
Unframed posters/prints, pillows, hats, mugs, and flags are next - they generally ship out about 3-5 days after the order is received. Delivery of those again usually happen around 3-4 days after they ship, depending on where in the country you are.
Shirts, hoodies, stickers  and greeting cards are fastest - they usually ship the day after an order is received, 2 days max. Delivery of those is usually 3-5 days after they ship. (By the way, hoodies always ship Priority because of their weight anyway.)

If you live in the LA area, I have two final pop-ups coming up. You can find me in El Porto at 3508 Highland Ave on Saturday, Dec 14 from 5-9pm, and at the Runway Playa Vista Holiday Market from 11a-4pm on Sunday, Dec 15. More details on those can be found here.

And finally, if you need something last minute, or just don’t know what they would want - there are always gift cards. Those deliver electronically, so you can have them almost immediately. Print it out and wrap it - or just email it to them. It costs per day just to offer gift cards live on the site, so again this year I'm going to do gift cards by request. Just email me and I'll gladly flip the switch to make them available and send you a link for you to purchase online.

If you’re in doubt, feel free to email me - I’ll be glad to give you my best guess on timings! And regardless of when or if you order anything, I hope your holiday is a great one with the people you care most about. And thank you for supporting OsoPorto, whether through actual orders or just in spirit and social media 'likes,' every little bit is noticed helps as I continue to grow this little creative side project. Looking forward to even more in 2020!

December 09, 2019 — Jon Berry